Original Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce (11/15)

Picture the scenario: You spend all day negotiating a business deal. It almost falls through, but at the last minute you have a flash of inspiration and manage to seal the deal. Your boss decides to treat you to celebratory drinks at the bar across the street. Reluctantly, you accept. By the time you get home, it’s 11:30pm. You are drunk and famished. You open the fridge door. A stale old burger bun. You glance at the shelves above the stove…dried lentils and seaweed soup. Then you remember the little cupboard under the sink. You open the door and you’re blinded by the orange glare of your ex-husband’s favorite meal: Manwich, Original Sloppy Joe Sauce. You check the sell-by date. Still valid. You slice the burger bun, pop it in the toaster and flush the sloppy joe sauce into a pan. Within minutes you’re alone on the couch, feeling oh so fine.

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