What is Curatable?

Curatable is a handpicked selection of intriguing and unusual products, apps and resources from around the Web.

The site’s content is organized into simple lists that visitors can rank through an interactive voting system.

What sets Curatable apart from other content curation websites is the originality of the content highlighted on the site coupled with the occasional wry and witty comment.

What’s the goal?

Curatable’s mission is to choose Internet paths less taken. The dominance of large social media sites and viral content producers creates an “echo chamber” which means that the same content tends to be circulated – it’s truman-show-esque (if that’s even a word).

The effect of this is that a large part of the Internet’s information and resources is left unseen. This is where Curatable tries to step in. I can’t claim that every piece of content is original. Everything is inspired by everything else. But I do my best to take the road less travelled by.

Who am I?

My name is Will Ellington and I am originally from London in the UK, but I now live and work in Osaka, Japan. I work in the higher education sector. Whenever I have some down time, which is almost never, I spend part of that time trawling the Web for interesting content, making lists of useful resources, coding WordPress themes, and generally geeking out. The result of this is curatable.net and also wpliving.net. Thanks for your interest in this site. Let’s connect on social media.