70 Free Tileable Wood Backgrounds for Web Design

This list of 70 seamless wood background images will bring a natural and earthy feel to any web design project.

If you design websites of any form then the free tileable wood backgrounds below will be a valuable resource for future projects.

The benefit of seamless images is being able to cover the entire screen with a background image without having to rely on a heavy and slow-loading file.

All the images in this collection have been optimized and rendered as lightweight at possible. I have sorted the images into two folders: light and dark wood. You can see a sample of 20 images in the list below.

So go ahead and download the backgrounds, use them freely for personal and/or commercial projects.

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  1. How, are you satisfied with this theme Bimber – Viral Magazine? I also plan to buy this theme or other options such as Boombox, but I am still considering the loading speed of both websites

    • It’s been great so far. I like the fact that the developers are continuing to improve the theme with frequent updates. I also think Bimber has more interesting design and layout options than Boombox. The big deal clincher for me though was the “Snax” content uploader. Basically, it makes it very easy to create ordered, votable and user submittable list posts. I highly recommend it.

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